From Human-Human Joint Action

to Human-Robot Joint Action

and vice-versa !

April 4-5, 2016  - Toulouse, France


For more than a decade, the field of human-robot interaction has generated many valuable contributions of interest to the robotics community at large. The field is vast, going all the way from perception (e.g., tactile or visual) to action (e.g., manipulation, navigation) and decision (e.g., interaction, human-aware planning). However, when it comes to the development of future robot assistants or robotic teammates in mixed human-robot teams, there is a need for a deeper understanding of human-robot joint action that could provide a framework for the different contributions and studies.



The goal of this workshop is to bring together a number of key researchers in robotics, psychology and philosophy who contribute to the topic of Joint Action. This can be a unique opportunity for scientific exchange between these disciplines. In particular, psychologists and philosophers will be given the opportunity to present recent developments in joint action research, while roboticists will be able to discuss the challenges they face with regard to human-robot interaction and more precisely human-robot joint activity.

The aim is to identify the key challenges and to provide a basis for a principled approach to the development of future assistant and/or teammate robots

From a symmetric point of view, collaborative robotics may also be as a mean to develop and implement models in order to conduct new experiments and refine the understanding of Joint Action.



The 2-days workshop will be entirey dedicated to invited talks presented by key researchers and discussion panels.



ALAMI Rachid - LAAS-CNRS - Toulouse, France

CARPENTER Malinda -  University of St Andrews - St Andrews, Scotland

CHETOUANI Mohamed - ISIR - Paris, France

DEMIRIS Yiannis - Personal Robotics Laboratory, Imperial College - London, UK

DOMINEY Peter - Robot Cognition Laboratory, INSERM - Lyon, France

FISCHER Kerstin - South Denmark University - Sonderborg, Denmark

HAKLI Raul - University of Helsinki - Helsinki, Finland

KNOBLICH Guenther - Central European University - Budapest, Hungary

LORENZ Tamara - University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, USA

PACHERIE Elisabeth - Ecole Nationale Supérieure - Paris, France

PEZZULO Giovanni - Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies - Roma, Italy

SAFFIOTTI Alessandro - Cognitive Robotic Systems Laboratory - Örebro, Sweden

SEBANZ Nathalie - Central European University - Budapest, Hungary

VESPER Cordula - Central European University - Budapest, Hungary

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Registration is free of charge but mandatory through this website. Due to limited room capacity, early pre-registration is advised.

Please note that this is a pre-registration. Your registration will be effective upon reception of a confirmation mail that will be sent to you within a few days.

Registration deadline: March 18th, 2016



This workshop is part of a project named CoCoRHICo (Communication and Cooperation in Robot-Human InteraCtiOn), funded by the IDEX program "Transversalité" of Toulouse University.

Involving four laboratories, including two of Toulouse University (LAAS CNRS and CLLE-LTC, UMR 5263), the Robot Cognition Laboratory (Inserm U846, Bron) and SCALab (UMR 9193, Lille University), this project aims at bringing together researchers in developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and robotics to foster discussion and exchange of expertise on the question of non-verbal communication, both in human development and in the general framework of human-robot interactions.




Workshop April 4th-5th, 2016

Registration deadline March 18th, 2016



7 Avenue du Colonel Roche,

31400 Toulouse













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